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Patient comes First

AiDO made me alert of what all I may be suffering from, making me better informed when I visited my doctor. The Doctor was curious how I knew so much . I had taken my history ( the AiDO report ) to the doctor He appreciated it and I guess he used it himself to fine-tune his diagnosis.

Don't Google, Bing or Yahoo AiDO it!

You have come to the right place. Let AiDO make you feel better.Input your medical problems and find out what is causing them. It's fast, free and anonymous

AiDO finds out about your health: fast & accurate

Start Checkup

Enter what you are feeling right now (Doctors call them symptoms).

Get Answers

Answer the given Q's and AiDO will intelligently tell you - just like your trusted family doctor does possible medical reasons why you are not feeling right . Even tell you if the medicine that you are taking is causing it.

What to do next?

Alert you of what medical problems you may have in future by telling you what screening test to go for in your language with simple medical terms

Technology you can TRUST

AiDO uses experienced doctors’ knowledge, evidence based medicine and best medical practises taken from their years of practice treating such cases.

AiDO as the ONLY SYMPTOM CHECKER you will need!

We 'Listen' to our patients, find out possible causes of their problem, and guide them to the right care. You will be surprised how AiDO is much better than just internet searching your problem. Its like seeing a 'lotus' (= knowledge) in the vast muck of complex, and sometimes risky, medical information floating on the internet ocean'

Made by doctors for doctors too!

Even Doctors use AiDO to find out what patient suffers from, get help in clinical decision and look at the best medical practices he can give to his patients.

Save Time, Money & Effort + Safety

Now I visit doctor when its really needed, thanks to AiDO. Saved me time, money, effort and safe from catching hospital infection during these risky 'covid' times. Look forward to AiDO's tele consult feature - 'CURaiTE' too.

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